abril 12, 2008

My love, my soldier

My love was a soldier
As brave as one can be.
He was noble and kind,
dedicated to his work
and focused on good.

Whatever a girl could ask
from a man,
that man had to offer.

My love was exclusive,
and as blind as it can be.
My love was my hero,
and our story as romantic as it could be.

Our mornings seemed to be from novels,
And our nights from dirty magazines.

Every morning he returned to the field,
fighting for ideals as unbeatable as our love.

He fought so hard, carried on by my love,
that he became a general.

My love was a great general,
full of power and wisdom.
But at once power overcame wisdom
And love was outshaded by despite.

No need to tell my desapointment,
and the fall of Our empire.

I fled in fear
As he destroyed paths to me and others,
sacked villages and murdered children, all at once.

And now that he's back to being just a just soldier
I can't forget the general and its path of blood.

3 comentários:

Zorbba Igreja disse...


I felt the same, I´ve been there. N now I just can´t forgive that cruel past of General. It´s so sod, but is so sublime too. I love it.


Ricardo Almeida disse...

Wow! No words for this poem! Beautiful!

Carlos Henrique Vólaro disse...

Argh, Xuxu. Mas eu sei que isso aí é só uma fase sua. Mas um homem como esse deve ser um porre.

Sou mais o esquema 'guerreiro visigodo' que eu encarno. =DDDD



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