setembro 16, 2008

She's not in love

She picks up your late night phone calls
And leads you into existencial discussions
With the same casual look in her eyes
As she chooses pancakes.

And she knows what your dreams means
And how your family can be mean
Holds your hand like you're the last guy
on the face of the Earth.

She picks up boys in front of you
Just to say to you how they're not meaningful
And how you're the only one that matters to her.

And what do you have to say when you spend the night
And she holds on to you so tight you can't breath
And you're still thinking
“That's alright”

But she's no in love with you, boy.
Oh, no
She's not in love with you.
You're just another lousy laid
She had in these past few months.

She's not in love with you, boy.
She's not in love with you.
You're just a buddyfuck with privileges
Tomorrow will be just another day.

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Anônimo disse...

"Lord give me serenity to accept what can not change, courage to change what I always with wisdom to see the difference, thus accepting the corrupt world the way it is and not the way I want it so looking a little happiness in this life"


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