junho 10, 2005

My hand

And it would mean it all
If you were here tonight
And I could see your eyes
And gaze.

And all these thoughts of punishment
Would go away
And I would say
"Hold my hand".

So, the world would turn
A longer round
And everyhing would be
Better than now
Only if you could hold my hand.

So I ask of you
Don't be shy.
Look me in the eyes,
Kiss me good night,
And hold my hand all night long.

To Fabiano.

4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Good to see someone writing in English :) Many thanks for your comment at Fala Poética and I reaaly hope to see you again there.:)

Nel Meirelles

Paullo disse...

me lembrou de um fato inusitado que tive há um tempo já...
foi triste.. mais tudo bem.. hehe
mz o texto tá legal, foi presse FAbiano ham....
bjs Lady

Luciane Pelagio disse...


Love is really that simple.You can feel its magical power, just holding the hands of your beloved
person. Congratulations for this quite sensitive poetry! Thanks for your comments on my blog!
hugs and kisses


Anderson disse...

Legal seu blog também. ADD nos favoritos. Volte sempre! Abraço.


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